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Embracing Winter

Winter has always been my least favorite season. Perhaps it’s because I’ve lived my whole life in Texas, where we’re not exactly well-equipped to handle winter weather. Or maybe it’s because of the stark shift from the vibrant colors of fall to the drab of winter, from the boisterous sounds of holiday gatherings to the stillness and quiet of winter.

During winter, the days are shorter, the clouds seem to descend lower, and there’s a palpable need for retreat, stillness, and quiet. In a world that often demands a busy schedule and where we’re rewarded for constant activity, this need for our soul to rest can feel awkward. We may feel uncertain about giving ourselves permission to retreat.

There is less light in the days. The clouds descend. We feel the need to retreat, to be still, to be quiet. In a world that often demands a busy schedule and where we are rewarded for work, this need for our soul to rest seems awkward, and we feel uncertain of how to give ourselves permission to retreat. 

We would do well to learn from God’s creation. The plants and animals around us go through the wintering process every year. They don’t fight it. They don’t ignore it. They don’t pretend it’s not needed.

It is, in fact, exactly what is needed in preparation for the coming season.

If God is calling you to a season of wintering, go willingly. Enjoy more time curled up under a blanket. Set boundaries and say no to unnecessary commitments so you can focus on the essential priorities. Embrace a slower pace.

Know that, as always, seasons come, and seasons go.  Ecclesiastes 3 tells us there is a season for everything. We can confidently know that this season is preparing us for the next. Spring is coming!


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