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I'm Julie Kay Harbour, a passionate writer and content creator dedicated to helping others renew their minds with the transformative power of God's word. Through inspirational writing and thought-provoking content, I strive to inspire, encourage, equip, and walk alongside others on their faith journey. Join me as we explore the beauty of living a life rooted in God's truth and grace.

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Her Story

Julie, a native Texan, brings a wealth of diverse experiences to her work. With a varied educational and professional background, she is deeply committed to helping others grow in their faith. Raised in a Christian home, she attended the Methodist Church with her family before transitioning to the Baptist Church as a teenager, and she now attends a non-denominational church.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Baylor University and an MBA from TCU, both in Texas. Additionally, Julie is a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP), a qualification she pursued due to the health challenges she and her son have faced.

Her background and experiences, both as a classroom teacher and in the business world, have fueled her intrigue and interest in the human brain and its extraordinary capabilities.

Julie is the creator of Biblical Journaling, a method that prayerfully combines a modern understanding of how the brain works with ancient practices to meditate on scripture. She has published two guided journals using this method: "Biblical Journaling for Anxiety" and "Biblical Journaling for Finding Your Identity in Christ."

Family is central to Julie's life. Being the only female in her household with three incredible men—her husband and two teenage boys—has fostered in her a deep appreciation for female companionship and meaningful connections. This is why you'll often find Julie enjoying coffee with a friend, sharing stories, and nurturing these important relationships.


When she's not caring for her family or spending time in her yard, Julie enjoys nature, science, art, music, and everything related to creativity. She is available for speaking engagements, leading workshops, and developing specific curricula to meet the needs of different groups. Additionally, Julie is passionate about helping others achieve their God-given dreams of getting their work published. Her prayer is that God will direct her to use her strengths and gifts to encourage and meet the needs of others.

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