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The Bible: It's More Than Just Words

A little over a year ago, I committed to a Bible reading plan that has me in my Bible every day. Having now started my second year of this discipline, it has become a part of my morning routine that I never want to do without. Even though I’ve been reading my Bible to some degree since I was a child, I am coming to see what all God has given us in His Word. Deuteronomy 32:47 describes God’s Word in this way, “They are not just idle words for you—they are your life….” God’s Word is life! This set my mind to reeling, thinking of what all God’s Word is to us and for us.

The Bible is a love letter written to his children. It tells us of God’s overwhelming love for us, a love so great that He sent His son, Jesus, to die for us so we can have eternal life.

It’s also a book of instruction, telling us how we are to live a holy life and what that should look like.

It is a book of promises, filled with truth, telling of covenants made and blessings yet to come.

It’s a history book filled with ancient stories that we can still learn from today.

It’s a mirror that can reflect both who God is AND who He created us to be!

It’s a lamp that can bring light to our dark days.

It’s a compass that can provide direction during times when we feel lost.

It’s known as the sword of the spirit and can be used both to defend and to challenge.

It’s a seed that, when planted deep within the heart, will amaze us with what it will grow to become!

As a whole, it holds the overarching story of redemption. 

It is made up of over 30,000 verses. One single verse alone, by itself, has the ability to bring peace to our minds, tears to our eyes, joy to our hearts, and hope to our future.

The lessons the Bible brings us day-to-day are both ever-changing and never-changing!

One day, I may be overcome by the beauty of the words I find in the Psalms, filling me with awe, comfort, and gratitude. Another day, I feel convicted or challenged by what I read in the book of James. I read Job and can identify with loss, be encouraged by perseverance, and see the importance of holding my tongue! Then I read in Leviticus the instructions for when sores or boils are on the skin, and I burst out laughing, not knowing quite what to think!

The Gospels are rich in wisdom. They give us four different accounts of how Jesus lived, allowing us to study his life. They are filled with his teachings and parables that we can apply to our lives. Perhaps most importantly, we find hope for the promise of what lies beyond this world.

In a world where we are bombarded with devastating news, politics that make our toes curl, and the heaviness of living in a fallen world, we must be intentional about filling our minds with scripture. Our minds need less of the world and more of God’s Word!

Sometimes, the best answers are the simplest ones. Read your Bible. Fill your mind and your heart with its words. They are your life!


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