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Before the Stone Was Rolled Away

Holy Saturday...before the cross was a symbol of hope…when it was still only a reminder of scorn and shame.  Have you ever imagined gazing at the tomb before the stone was rolled away? 

“It is finished,” Jesus had said.  Hope was gone. 

Were his disciples plagued with what they remembered?  Were they ashamed of their last choices while with their Savior?  Jesus had needed them. They had fallen asleep.  He was taken away.  They had hidden.  The whips. The nails.  What was it that had happened as Jesus had died?  Had that been an earthquake?  Were these the memories that they could not escape? 

At the same time, were there memories they didn’t want to let go of that they now strained to remember?   What was it Jesus had said about himself?  How many had he healed? What had his last words been to them?  Could they still picture his smile?

Holy Saturday… the day caught between the anguish of Good Friday and the joy of Easter Sunday.  The day was suspended between agony and redemption. It was the day of waiting, a day filled with doubt, confusion, and disbelief. 

Unlike Jesus’ disciples, we have the advantage of knowing what the next day holds.  We know this was simply the day before that glorious day when the stone was rolled away. 

Hope is often born out of darkness. Pain turns into victory.  The waiting ends with the revelation of God’s perfect plan. 

God, in His sovereignty, turned mourning to dancing and darkness to light. 

What He did then, He can do for us today.  In our doubts, God is at work, bringing forth new life! Just beyond the horizon of our despair lies the promise of renewal!

Let’s allow this day of waiting to remind us that even in our darkest moments, God's perfect plan is unfolding!








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